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Polarization Insensitive Isolator
- Compact C+L Wideband


Compact Size
High Isolation
Low Insertion Loss
Ultra-low PDL and PMD
Low Polarization Sensitivity
High Return Loss
Environmental Stability and Reliability
Epoxy-free Optical Path


Fiber Optic Amplifier
Fiber Laser Equipment/Transmitter
Optical Instrument
Fiber Optic Network System
WDM System
Laboratory R&D

ISBDW Series* 


Grade A

Operating Wavelength Range (nm)

1530 ~ 1620

Crossband Isolation

> 45 dB

> 40 dB

Insertion Loss 

< 0.5 dB

< 0.7 dB

Polarization Dependent Loss

< 0.1 dB

< 0.15 dB

Polarization Mode Dispersion

< 0.05 ps

< 0.05 ps

Optical Return Loss

> 60 dB

> 55 dB

Temperature Sensitivity

< 0.005 dB/C

Max. Optical Power

300 mW

Operating Temperature

0 ~ +70C

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +85C

Fiber Type

Corning SMF-28

Max. Tensile Load

5 N

Package Design

Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Tube


f = 4.30 mm, L = 27 mm

Target parameters are referenced without connectors.

* Patent pending

Reliability Performance

Mechanical Test: Telcordia  (GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE, and GR-2882-CORE) compliant. 
Endurance Test: Telcordia (GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE, and GR-2882-CORE) compliant. 

Details provided upon request.

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